Track Sawing

A precise and effective method for cutting concrete and masonry is track sawing.

A track saw, also known as a wall saw is the plant of choice for creating openings and reducing the height of walls. It is also effective for performing a multitude of cuts for other purposes.

Despite it's alternative name, the tracksaw is not purely for the cutting of walls, as it is capable of creating cuts in a floor slab as well as it would a wall.

The track for the saw is attached to the slab to be cut, and the saw head is mounted on to the track. The operator has remote control of the saw, keeping him at a safe distance, and minimising safety concerns such as vibration exposure. The saw runs along the track multiple times, each time known as a pass. On each pass the saw cuts deeper until the desired depth has been reached.

A Track mounted saw is beneficial as it can perform cuts at any angle the track is mounted at, it is fast and easy to assemble, and it can perform cuts in locations where it would be difficult for an operative to reach with conventional methods.‚Äč