Brokking / Bursting


We hold a fleet of Brokk remote demolition machines. With a traditional hammer set up for breaking concrete these machines carry a lot of power and are remarkably nimble and agile.

Brokking is an efficient way of eliminating hand arm vibration which is now one of the largest health risks the construction industry is facing.

With a width and weight for the smallest machine being as little as 1m and approximately 1 ton, These machines are capable of climbing stairs, as well as operating in areas which would pose a risk to an operative such as beneath or over the edge of slabs or within areas of limited space such as tunnels.


If a client’s preferred option of controlled demolition is to be as noise free as possible we carry a range of hydraulic bursters. Holes are drilled into the concrete structure before a hydraulic burster head is inserted into said holes. The force of the head expanding within the hole causes the concrete to split and thus fracture into smaller more manageable pieces.